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Ben Goertzel

Chief Scientist – Hanson Robotics, the creator of the robot Sophia.

Dr. Goertzel is one of the world’s foremost experts in Artificial General Intelligence, a subfield of AI oriented toward creating thinking machines with general cognitive capability at the human level and beyond.

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Jussi Rintanen

Professor of Artificial Intelligence and Software Systems – Aalto University

Jussi is a computer scientist with interests in automating the solution of complex problems which earlier have required the use of human intelligence. His research belongs to the areas of automated reasoning, combinatorial search and optimization, and artificial intelligence.

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Marko Klemetti

CTO – Eficode

Well-known Devops guru in Scandinavia, with a vast experience in test automation.

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Diego Lo Giudice

VP & Principal Analyst – Forrester

Diego is a leading expert on SDLC, Devops and AI automation practices.

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Moritz Heiber

DevOps Birth Assistant – ThoughtWorks

Moritz, a shepherd for clients and their hardware and software projects, has a destiny to help people achieve serenity through using DevOps.

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Alexander Alten-Lorenz

Chief Architect Global Platform / Technology – E.ON SE

Alexander, an experienced and technically proficient Hadoop Engineer/IT Architect, is specialized in application development, use case discovery and hadoop cluster architecture design.

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Josh Brewer

CEO & Cofounder – Abstract

Josh, former Principal Designer at Twitter, is a vocal advocate for Design Leadership, writing and speaking about the challenges of building Design-led companies and products.

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Xuan Jin

Head of Cloud Architects – Alibaba Cloud UK

Xuan Jin is an experienced solutions architect and technology evangelist. He then started his career in software engineering in Oracle UK and progressed to tech lead in software engineering and SRE in companies including Cisco.

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Mahdi Azarboon

Senior Analyst – Liquid Studio, Accenture

Mahdi is an award winning Cloud Engineer who has in-depth skills with AWS and Serverless, Node.js and DevOps.

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Jan Martin Smith

Vice President Development / CTO – The Ministry of Taxation, Denmark

Jan, senior technologist and IT specialist, has more than 25 years of experience from the IT sector and development. He is right now involved in one of the largest IT projects in Denmark.

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Kai Inkinen

Co-Founder –

Kai is a specialist in software architecture and development, technical architecture, continuous deployment and version control.

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Kimmo Brunfeldt

Head of Customer Experience –

Kimmo is a business-focused developer who likes people, design, open source, creative concepts, and different cultures without forgetting tiny perfect details. Co-founder of Alvar Carto.

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Linda Liukas

Author, illustrator and programmer – Hello Ruby

Linda is an internationally acclaimed speaker whose past clients include for example Google (US), Nokia Siemens (FI), Wired (UK). Linda is also a software programmer, a best-selling author and illustrator of Hello Ruby.

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Ingo Philipp

Distinguished Evangelist – Tricentis

Ingo Philipp champions the methodologies and technologies at the core of the company’s continuous testing solution. In his previous position as a senior product manager, he orchestrated product development and product marketing.

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Jere Nieminen

Service Architect – Elisa

Jere is experienced architect specialized in video streaming technologies. He is currently working on making video streaming as smooth as possible for Elisa Viihde customers.

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Natalie Pistunovich

Engineering Manager – Fraugster

Natalie is an Engineering Manager, Go Developer, Berlin’s Go User Group Lead, GopherCon Europe organizer and Public Speaker. She also describes herself as a Passionate Learner and Professional Questions Asker.

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Ilkka Turunen

Global Director, Pre-sales Engineering – Sonatype

Ilkka Turunen is the Global Director of Pre-sales Engineering at Sonatype. His background is in software and systems engineering, acting as an architect for several commercial projects. He’s helped define everything from the software design to webscale infrastructure architectures and regularly works with companies across the world to understand and improve their software supply chain and continuous delivery pipelines.

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Viktorija Almazova

Cloud Security Architect – Microsoft

Viktorija arrives DEVOPS 2018 to give a technical session which shows how to implement and maintain compliance and security in your organisation. Leave this session confident how to avoid the common traps in building and implementing security controls and use them most efficiently.

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Giulio Iannazzo

Solution Engineer – Atlassian

Giulio is a passionate and highly independent contributor, with extensive experience in roles ranging from development and system integration to customer facing consultancy and solution architecture.

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Andreas Prins

Vice President Product Development – XebiaLabs

Andreas Prins is Vice President of Product Development for XebiaLabs. Andreas brings real-world experience building and scaling teams to deliver mission-critical software applications. He has extensive experience as an Agile Transformation coach and as a former manager of DevOps team. At XebiaLabs he is responsible for product development and product management to build Enterprise DevOps solutions that enable the digital transformation of the customers.